Guest Post: First Hindu Figures by Mr. Arif Rahman Chughtai

Md. Abdur Rahman Chughtai (1897–1975) was a painter and intellectual from Pakistan, who created his own unique, distinctive painting style influenced by Mughal art, miniature painting, Art Nouveau and Islamic art traditions. He comes from a family which for generations has produced architects, engineers, painters and decorators. His work draws from a shared South Asian cultural heritage, and he was one of the few Pakistani artists to be recognized in India before and after the 1947 partition. He is considered ‘the first significant modern Muslim artist from South Asia’, and the national artist of Pakistan. He was given the title of Khan Bahadur in 1934, awarded Pakistan’s Hilal-i-Imtiaz in 1960, and the Presidential medal for Pride of Performance in 1968.

The following scans show the first Hindu figures painted by Mr. Abdur Rahman Chughtai and were shared with Tuzk-e-Hind by  Mr. Arif Rahman Chughtai, who has continued his fathers legacy in the form of the Chughtai Museum. Mr. Arif Chughtai, is also an art collector and a critic.