Dilli Door Ast

Hunooz Dilli Door Ast
 “Delhi is still quite a way away”

This article analyses the way of the relationship between the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and the area that encompasses it, the Nizamuddin basti. The paper starts with a clarification of the life and history of the Saint himself before moving on to a thought of exercises at the sanctuary, particularly the musings and practices of aficionados, and their methods for uniting with the figure of the revered Saint. The knowledge of the Devotee is isolated into two areas, the first managing the aficionados’ association with the authentic figure of the Saint himself, the second with the essentialness of the dargah’s physical area in the Saint’s teachings and the acts of his enthusiasts.

The article is written by Michael Thomas Paschal Snyder of Columbia University and was Published in Columbia Undergraduate Journal of South Asian Studies.

Download article: Michael Thomas Paschal Snyder_ CUJSAS