Delhie Book: Thomas Metcalfe and Mazhar Khan (1843)

Sir Thomas Theophilus Metcalfe was born on 2 Jan 1795 at 49 Portland Place, London, and christened 2 on 27 Mar 1795 in St Marylebone Parish Church, Saint Marylebone, London, England.

While working in India as the Governor-General’s Agent at the Imperial court of the Mughal Emperor, between 1842 and 1844, Metcalfe ordered a series of images of the monuments, ruins, palaces and shrines from Delhi artist named Mazhar Ali Khan, and later an album termed as Reminiscences of Imperial Delhi (also Dehlie Book or Delhi Album) was compiled by Metcalfe in 1844, containing 89 folios around 130 paintings by Indian artists, and including descriptive text and touching words and was sent to his daughter Emily as she headed from an English schooling to join him in Delhi. The album has now been acquired by the British Library.

Manzar Ali Khan, was born in Delhi. He received the rigorous Mughal training, and became a part of a dynasty of great miniature artists. He started working in 1840. He did 100 paintings which made it to this book.

Source: All text and images by British Library, Wikipedia and Rare Book Society (FB).